January 26, 2015

Let's see

It is Monday, so I outta post something. I had a good if uneventful weekend. It snowed a bit on Sunday.

Yesterday the wife and I went out for brunch at Granite City,  I ate entirely too much. Too much bacon, too much biscuits and gravy, too much prime rib. Too much of everything. Afterward, the wife dropped me off at home while she walked around the mall. I watched the movie "42" and took a well deserved nap.

Now I am off to do some work.

Things to do for this Monday:

1) write a boring blog post.  Check.

Have a great day.


CnC said...

A blog about nothing! Same premise as Seinfeld, hmmm worked for him!

hey teacher... said...

You nailed it!!! Congrats.

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