January 13, 2015

Progressive hypocracy volume 3,411

All of the Obamapologists are defending the Administration's failure to send anyone of note to the Paris rally against Islamic terrorism, citing such events are symbolic and do not accomplish anything but make one feel better. While I agree,  where were these folks deriding the Occupy protests (just what were they protesting anyway?), or even the multitude of marches in Ferguson?

Funny, the top law enforcement officer had time to protest against a cop who defended himself against a rampaging thug, but skipped out of gay Paree before he had to take a stand against real murderers.

Say, would the same folks who think the March in Paris was a waste of time offer the same opinion after viewing the movie about the civil rights march in Selma?  Will Bob Beckel offer a review that says "good movie, but a mere symbolic gesture".

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