February 20, 2015

A post you must read

It has been a long time since we listened to the Chairman. This is an especially beautiful tune.

Go ahead. Listen. Do it,dammit. You will not have a good Friday if you fail to listen. Do it for the children. Do it for the puppies and baby seals. Do it for the Old School. If you loved me you would listen. Democrats / Republicans (depending on your political leanings) do not want you to listen to Frank today. Every time you listen Fidel Castro is a little closer to death. listening will make your erections last for more than four hours (go see a doctor if this happens -- right after you call all of your buddies and brag). It will cause you ladies to have multiple orgasms. Listening to this song will be like Christmas, the 4th of July and your 8th birthday all rolled into one.  Trust me here. Would I lie to you?

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Anonymous said...

I listened, nice but then again Viagra he ain't.

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