February 24, 2015

Dear Senate GOP


You are the worst negotiators ever. I would love to sit across a table from you. By the end of the day you would pay double the retail price, plus shipping, plus a penalty if you failed to buy a certain amount in a given period of my widgets. I suspect we would include automatic price increases. You Republicans are dolts.

Why would you surrender the only leverage you have in negotiation to end King Obama's amnesty decree? The President may be able to veto a bill, but he can't spend money if you do not give it to him.

How about this --  pass the DHS funding as the House sent over via Reconcilliation. Seems like something the Dems did not too long ago...

We need a third party with men and women of courage.  At least the Dems are willing to fight for their principles.


Anonymous said...

The surrender fix is in, full funding of DHS and another do nothing bill about amnesty. Now that King Obama has vetoed the pipeline bill he knows he has congress on its knees.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Second time I heard the reconciliation idea today.
Reince Preibus said it's possible that McConnell is maneuvering to that.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

It'll never happen, of course, but Rush had this to say about that:


I would laugh and laugh and laugh.

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