February 22, 2015

Hit the road, Jack

Six thousand miles. Not only is that a sentence fragment, but it is the number of miles I have driven for work since the start of the year. When you consider that last week's travels were via plane and rental car it increases the weekly average even more. The trip through Kansas put about 1.800 of those miles on the odometer. Garden City, KS ( look up Capote's In cold blood while you are checking your map app.) is a long haul from Indy, but I don't mind.

Windshield time is easy money. I get time to daydream, blare my music, "read" audiobooks, and listen to radio hosts pontificate. I can yell at the other drivers to my heart's content. I see America: her fields, her towns, her soul. I can hear the slowly disappearing regional accents when I stop for lunch. I revel at the sameness of chain designed hotel rooms. I eat burgers and wings and BBQ.

Best of all, I come home to a smile, a warm house, and,every other Friday, a paycheck. Life is good.


hey teacher... said...

People are aghast at my 40 minute drive to work, (no traffic-just drove). It is great prep time on the way to school and good decompress time on the way home and I get to yell at Sean Hannity and Mark Levin to keep my blood pressure up. Only thing better would be if I could hear this blog read aloud by its author.

hey teacher... said...

Too much?

Ed Bonderenka said...

the audiobook thing seems attractive.

Joe said...

You do not want to listen to me. A professor once described my speaking as "soporific". Ouch. But since I talk to people for a living it can't be that bad. Right?

Ed I have an app on my phone that is full of free audiobooks. The selections are in the public domain, but they are classics -- Twain, Zane Grey, Conan Doyle, jack London, etc. it is hours of entertainment for me while doing windshield time.

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