February 7, 2015

Me and Brian Williams Episode 4

We were on the train heading west out of Philadelphia. The President was pacing and muttering. "This speech just is not right" he said. "Listen. This country was founded eighty-seven years ago..." He started.

When the President finished Brian Williams spoke up.  He reminded Mr. Lincoln that he was a famous journalist and asked if he could help. "Please" cried the President.

I watched in amazment as Brian took an envelope from his pocket and begin to scraw.

Four score and seven years ago...


Anonymous said...

Thank God for NBC and Brian Williams, without that kind of leadership we would be stuck with a President who thinks he is a King.


hey teacher... said...

I remember some guys were trying to raise our flag on some good forsaken island and they said, "Hey Brian, could you lend us a hand.".

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