February 11, 2015

The good the bad the ugly

i cooked my favorite meal in the world for supper last night. That would be beef and noodles, and yes, like any good Hoosier I erved them with mashed potatoes (Yukon Gold if you must know). I have learned that this pairing is a regional thing, that for some reason the rest of the civilized world sees the two starches and recoils in horror. Frankly it has never occurred to me that chicken or beef or turkey and noodles would not come with a big serving of mashed spuds. I like my noodles served on top of the potatoes.  In any case this meal is not one designed to help my waist line and the heavy dose of carbs is certainly not conducive to maintaining blood sugar levels.  It was a good meal with bad results on the scales and ugly blood glucose readings this morning.

Did you see that -- a title that fits the post for once? Anyway, I know what I'm having for lunch --- leftover beef and noodles served with mashed potatoes. Get over it.


Anonymous said...

Meat Loaf, Mashed Potatoes, corn on the cob.


Anonymous said...

Tallman would agree with you all the way.

He and I are both born Hoosiers. But he has the same deal with the beef n' noodles (and also chicken n' noodles).

Maybe because I was born here but spent my first 16 years moving ALL OVER the Midwest, I'm one of those who recoils at the two starches together. They seem to go to war in my belly.

But over these last 23 years I've learned to compromise and adjust. I make the mashed potatoes, and just eat MUCH less.

Are you also a midnight snacker? Anything with tons of sugar?

I do worry about him though. Diabetes runs in his family, and I'm pretty sure he'd rather just die than go to a doctor. (AND he won't be pushed either.)


Anonymous said...

Wait... Yukon Gold?! Is that... INSTANT mashed potatoes?

Fer real?


Joe said...

No only real mashed spuds with my beef & noodles. I peeled the little buggers myself. Yukon Golds make great mashed potatoes - better than your ordinary russets

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I hate going back East for conventions. Every damn meal has a crab cake involved somehow.

I may have lived in Maryland for a year but this Hoosier farm boy has no interest in seafood.

My aunt Mary, on the other hand, used to make her own pot-pie noodles and served them up with pot roast over mashed potatoes at Christmas time. Dad would eat three plates full, and we couldn't figure out where a 5'7" guy who weighed 165 pounds soaking wet managed to put it all...

To me that was Christmas dinner. And still is. You can have your turkey and spiral ham, I want beef and noodles and mashed potatoes.

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