February 9, 2015

You may not be aware

Brian Williams is taking a few days off from reading the news.  I would not be a bit surprised that he cures cancer, eliminates the common cold, and gets Led Zeppelin back together in his time off.


Anonymous said...

I hear he is thinking about taking over for EOB

hey teacher... said...

Maybe he'll be appointed Chairman of the Indiana State Board of Education,(for Hoosiers only).

Joe said...

That BOE move is crap. I hate the pure politics of it


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

A pox on both of their houses. While I'm glad Pence issued the order, I'm a bit pissed that he decided to dump all the blame on the Superintendent of Public Instruction. That situation is at least as much his and Mitch's fault as it is hers.

The best thing to do would be to abandon ISTEP altogether, and devolve schools to local control. Abolish the federal and state departments of education. Stop this child abuse that some call primary and secondary education.

Joe said...


Rita said...

I asked an insider about the Pence/Ritz thing. The insider is a diehard liberal. Word is Ritz has been standing in the way of important transformation for failing schools. She is all theatrics and planned her infamous walkout for the cameras.

Insider is not a fan of Pence, but supports the move.

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