March 1, 2015

Head up the old rectum

I have had at least one kid in college for ten straight years. My youngest has at east one more year to go. As such every year when I fill out my tax forms, I segue right into the FAFSA. That is the application one must fill out to get any scholarships or financial aid.

Except somehow, I forgot to do it this year. I don't know how or why I forgot. Old age I guess. So now you know my plans for this snowy Sunday morning.

Government forms followed by shoveling snow.  It is good to be me.

On the bright side later this month marks my blog anniversary. I have been at this for ten years.I will have to look up he exact date of my first post, but I know it was in 2005. A lot of bloggers have come and gone from my sidebar over there on the right. Some of you have been at it longer. Some of you have more readers, butt none of you have better regulars. I am sure I will pontificate on the occasion later in the month.

Happy March. it is Jean's Birthday month over at Pondering.It is my birthday month. It is my blogaversary month. Spring is supposed to arrive in March. The month is coming in like a lion around here with Mother Nature dropping 4 or 5 inches of snow on us last night, I hope that means spring is a few weeks away.

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Anonymous said...

Will wait for a while to do the taxes. After a year of trying to deal with the IRS , I have given up. I don't have four to six hours a day to sit waiting on the phone over a thousand dollars on my RV. mortgage.


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