March 26, 2015

Want my vote?

The next guy who says "There outta be a law" should have his tightie whities pulled so far up his butt crack you can wrap the elastic waistband around his noggin like an Arab's turban. He should get a titty-twist, a red-belly, a bitch slap, and a steel-toed boot planted deep in the groin that it buries his tiny testes somewhere near the liver. It is not the role of Government to protect your feelings, you have no right to never be offended. It is not the role of society to prevent misdemeanor wrongs to your ego.

Men (I mean that in the generic sense, don't get offended. See what I mean?) band together in a society to protect themselves, to create common rules and organization. Don't steal my stuff and I won't steal yours. Don't murder me or mine. This is my house and my field and over there is your house and your field. Let's all drive on the same side of the road when heading east so we don't crash into each other.  Don't grind up your dead grandma and sell it to me as sausage. Let us codify these rules and the penalties if you don't follow them.

The rules should be as few as possible so that you and I can live and work and pursue happiness in the best way possible. Of course there is always some fucker who thinks he should set the rules. The asshole who thinks he is smarter or better or wants a way to take your stuff without penalty. They like to call themselves King, or Dear Leader or Democrat.

You know those people, they were always making up rules, even as kids. You can't climb up the slide. You have been on the swing long enough. You shouldn't eat the yellow snow, you can't use the jump rope as a whip. Hey, you better not aim that BB gun at me.

The damn hippies who complained about signs, signs, everywhere signs have made more rules than anyone. Do this, don't do that is worse than ever. How is that for irony?

Just because you got elected does not mean you need to think up more rules to justify your presence in the political office. For example, I would be fine with the return of the Obama who just voted "present" all of the time.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

We need a "None Of The Above" choice on all ballots. If NOTA wins, the office remains vacant until the next election.

Joe said...

I like that ides

Btw I am glad you kitty is getting better

I have not figured out how to comment at your place since I cannot log in with a Wordpress account

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