March 10, 2015


It seems to me one has the natural right to say whatever hateful, bigoted, ignorant crap one chooses, I find the notion of "hate speech" offensive. Not the speech, but the idea such speech could or should be outlawed.

It is sad that the college campus, where free thinking should be encouraged, has become the most intolerant of public places.

Too bad multiculturalism has prevented the teaching of American history in our schools and colleges. Jefferson's ghost weeps.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

The progressive march through the institutions is nearly complete. And as usual, progressives have left smoking debris and chaos in their wake. Universities are in big trouble right now and are trying desperately to hide big enrollment drops and budget deficits from the public.

And probably to no avail. Online learning and other means of "credentialing" are going to be the hallmarks of the 21st century. If anything, the smaller, faith-based or private conservative colleges are going to be the homes of academic excellence. And more and more people are going to find that they'd be better off going into the trades than going to college -- assuming that they can actually read and write and think after they graduate from high school.

But I've been saying that last bit for over 20 years.

DownStateIN Dale said...

I'm confused - If the Constitution protects the rights of Black Panthers, KKK, NAMBLA and other such organizations to speak, protest, picket, etc., their ignorant-ass beliefs; how can this fraternity be excoriated
for what I would consider typically insipid fraternity behavior?

Is this university going to run off every other organization that says something tasteless, stupid or contrary to someone else's beliefs?

This shit is way out of hand -
law is supposed to be color- blind. Instead of enforcing as written we get FED interference and arbitrary thought control.

e.g. I'm a strong arm robber, who in commission of my crime kills my victim.
- If black kills white, its a crime, but probably accidental and because of disadvantaged circumstances.
- if white kills black, its a "hate crime", deliberate and because we are all racist bastards.
- if white kills white, its a crime, subject to laws and penalties already in force and adjudicated through the justice system.
- if black kills black, oh well...cost of doing business. nothing to see here, move along.

I'll give a small shit about some spoiled white kid singing that crap when blacks step up and give a BIG SHIT about black rap/hip hop artists that sing about rape, misogyny, cop killing, drugs and self hate for their own race.

another "racist" white taxpayer that lives by the law and believes in the golden rule...
and peoples rights to say and do stupid stuff because this is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, for chrissakes!

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