May 8, 2015

Be careful out there

Those words ended the roll call on the police drama "Hill Street Blues" twenty years ago. A cop in North Carolina, Matthew Kohrs, was burned by spilled coffee from Starbucks. Now he is suing the coffee chain because of the burns, medical bills, and emotional distress.

Hey Dude, coffee is made from boiling water. It is hot, it says so on the lid ever since some other dolt spilled coffee on her crotch and sued McDonalds. Worse, Starbucks gave Kohrs the coffee for free since he was a cop. Thank you indeed. If I owned a business I would stop Cop freebies.

Oh, his burns were so bad that he took time to drive home for pictures of the burns before going to urgent care.

I spilled coffee on my hand and all over the carpet a few months ago. I guess I should sue Keurig. My wife gets pissed every time she sees the stain. Now that is emotional distress.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I scalded my hand under hot water in the sink the other day. I should sue the water company and the company that made my water heater. Hell, I'll sue the companies that made the faucet and the sink. And what about the cabinet company, and the guy who built the house half a century ago, too?

Judges need to beat these people over the head with their gavels and have them thrown bodily out the doors of their courtrooms.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Notably, it seems that he had originally also sued the barista and the company that made the cup, but they were both dropped from the lawsuit.

You'd think he'd sue the cup company for a defective cup, but they probably don't have the deep pockets that Starbucks has. I find it interesting also that Starbucks says that out of the millions of cups they've poured, only 59 have "collapsed". This sounds like a problem between the customer and the cup to me (PEBCAC).

hey teacher said...

He should probably sue his parents for raising a whiny, punk ass baby.

mts1 said...

I can understand freebies to cops for eat-in orders. You have a 24 hr shop in a not so nice area, you may not have the latest in video surveillance, so you do some goodwill to let people who may be casing the place see that 1) you have a good rapport with the local beat, and 2) they tend to come in for a sit-down any random time. A cheap way to buy a little extra security. Other than that, I see no reason for freebies. And Starbucks is not a struggling mom & pop.

Plus, these idiots mess it up for people who do have serious damage from defective products. They are the ones who get the public interested in tort reform, which would cap both the frivolous payouts and the legitimate ones, same as the rain falls on the good and evil people alike. So you may have been crippled by a mechanical failure in a known defective part the auto company refused to remedy, saying it's easier to pay out death settlements than fix the issue (Pinto, more recently the GM ignition switch), but with reform your settlement is limited and you will not get what it'll now take your family to care for you.

The insane claims of damage, of racism, of rape, the whole underclass of people using the courts as a lottery once they see a corporate logo or rich entertainer and decide to play "gotcha," messing it up for the real victims out there. Man, hell's going to have a lot more sections than either Dante or I ever considered.

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