May 30, 2015

Reason 714 it is good to be me

The wife baked a batch of oatmeal scotchies for me yesterday afternoon.  I can only conclude she kinda likes me, or she is greatful for all of my hard work beautifying the old homestead over the past few weekends, or she knows I am fighting my diabetes meds and is trying to kill me.

The granddaughter has learned to roll over and is traveling all aver the living room. Until Thursday morning she could only flip to her stomach and cry to be turned back; a game I found tedious after five minutes or so, but played along because she is my granddaughter. Now we have started to make the living room a little safer and obstacle-free because crawling and walking are just over the horizon.  

After a couple of gorgeous days it looks like the rain will be back this weekend. I ain't complaining. We could be getting the soaking our Okie and Texican neighbors are getting.

Have a great Saturday. I'm off to fill up my coffee cup and grab a cookie for breakfast.


Anonymous said...

Walking is just around the corner, may the force be with you.

James Old Guy

Ed Bonderenka said...

My granddaughter just went through that.
Precious time.

Anonymous said...

Don't blink.


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