May 23, 2015

under an ice blue sky

This is bouncing around in my brain.

Oh, for Pete's sake just click on the selection, It won't kill you.  You might even smile or perhaps laugh.  That laughter may keep you from cursing at sheep and inciting the wrath of PETA*.  I spent like one minute finding this video. When I was working at the big yellow price tag trying to make ends meet last fall one of my young coworkers mentioned she had never heard of "Animal House". Sigh. I have never felt so old.

Have a great Saturday.

* look it up, I'm serious. Cursing at sheep is abuse.

1 comment:

LeeAnn said...

They curse at sheep around here all the time but I'm told it's just a meet-cute thing, so I mosey on and let nature takes its course.

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