June 18, 2015

I confess

I don't feel guilty for being white. To the best of my knowledge I have not knowingly discriminated against anyone based on their skin color.  I do not think my whole race needs to amend for events that happened long before I was born. In fact, none of my family owned slaves. At least two ancestors fought to end slavery. But if they did own slaves, so what? In America we are not who our parents or grandparents were. We all have an equal opportunity to succeed. Is it hard? Yes. Is it guaranteed? No.

Look, I do not feel guilty for my blue eyes, my brown hair, my dimpled cheeks, or my lack of height. Nor do I feel guilty for lack of pigmentation in my skin. It is genetics. I don't have any special privilege based on my skin. What little success I have is through hard work, education, and a desire to succeed. Period.

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