June 20, 2015

Morning musings

It is a wonderful Saturday. I'm not sure what the boss has planned, but I am sure something is on the schedule. I pulled out the laptop to blog today

I went to the doctor yesterday. The old meds are not working, or give me massive diarrhea. I suspect you do not want details. The end result is I am now shooting up insulin once a day. Hooray for me. Maybe I can find a way to cash in by selling my used needles to junkies?  That is a joke, don't get all worked up NSA overlords.  I repeat that is joke.

Here are a couple of random old farts relaxing in foreign ports back in April:

What was here is now gone


Anonymous said...

Giving one of my dogs insulin shots twice a day. They sell an auto injector for dogs, looking into that. I have about a thousand used needles, but the Vet's office takes care of disposal.

James Old Guy

Jean said...

Yesterday I had to spend $525 on one of the insulins I use.

Joe said...

Yes my script was $258. Ouch

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