June 15, 2015

Run, Bunny, Run

I was out watering the flowers yesterday evening and in the process I flushed a baby bunny. This little guy was about the size of a chipmunk and could have fit in your palm. He scampered across the mulch to hide behind a day lilly. Then he broke cover to head out the wide-open gate. He tripped as he tried to jump the hose and fell on his side. It was cute and funny. But that hose was half his shoulder height. I would fall trying to jump a waist high barrier too.

We watched his frantic escape along the neighbor's fence. He hid behind a tuft of grass near the foundation of their house, resting and catching his little bunny breath. He then scurried through a gap near the fence post into their back yard.  Lucky for him that constant-barking dog no longer lives there.

The baby bunny provided about two minutes of entertainment for a couple of old farts on a Sunday evening. In a few weeks, when the little bunny grows up and starts eating my flowers I won't find him so cute.

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