July 27, 2015

In and around the lake

Really Chicago Cubs? Did that just happen? How can you get swept by the Phillies, clearly the worst team in baseball (unless they are playing at Wrigley). You are now responsible in the course of a weekend for more than 20% of Philadelpphia's road wins.  This was the stretch you were going to solidify your wild card run. Must you break my heart every year?

After last evening's heavy rains this July has now become the wettest month ever in Indy. The average July sees a little over 4 inches of rain and we have topped 13 with more rain on tap this week. I suspect some are going to blame it on global warming/climate change/aardvark farts but he previous wettest month was in the 1870s. How do the AlGorites explain that? Do you know how I account  for the rainy summer? Weather.

I have my monthly expense report to do today, one of my least favorite job tasks. It always has been. But when you travel on someone else's dime they want an accounting and rightly so.

Have a great Monday.


Otter said...

Only a few of us get the title connection of this post! Yes & yes water everywhere........

hey teacher... said...

When are the mountains going to come out of the sky.

Joe said...

All they do is stand there

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