July 14, 2015


Geez, at first blush it appears as if a brand new purchasing agent straight out of college could have negotiated a better deal for the US with Iran.  I have negotiated millions of dollars in contracts in my day and I am clearly confused. It looks like Kerry and company gave the farm to the Iranians. I'm still not sure what we got in return, the ability to ask for inspections?

What the heck, if this was a purchasing contract the Iranians would have received 10 years to supply product with the ability to raise prices at will and to change specifications whenever they wanted.

Why is it Obama's speech this morning had a distinct Neville Chamberlin flavor?

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Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Someone elsewhere made the point that Chamberlin, at least, thought he had gotten the best deal he could make (and there is some basis for thinking that he made it to provide breathing space to get the Spitfire and Hurricane into production).

Obama, on the other hand, simply wants this country to bow to its enemies. He is a traitor of the first water.

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