July 16, 2015

Paging Dr Mengele

No matter where you stand on the abortion issue, harvesting of baby organs for sale is sick and disgusting - not to mention illegal. This practice has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with a woman's reproductive rights. It is tantamount to grave robbing for human experiments.

Those of you who support Planned Parenthood should do a little research into Margaret Sanger and her goals for the organization she helped found. Funny, many of the same liberals chanting "black lives matter" also support Planned Parenthood.

In this case I am one to judge. If you support the harvest and sale of fetal body parts you are sick, twisted, and evil. Your very existence is repugnant and I resent you wasting good oxygen.


Ed Bonderenka said...

The banality of evil.
Discussing murder techniques over a glass of wine.

mts1 said...

Oh, c'mon now. Haven't all of you learned by now that you never go by what a liberal says is the end goal? Gun and size of soft drink control aren't over control of weapons and calories, they're control of you. Same with health care not being for health care. Gay marriage is neither about gays nor marriage, unless you count the Gramsican destruction of all human institutions so Mother Government can eclipse them all as being about marriage. Abortion "rights" is not about protecting women or respecting their choices. It's about the celebration of wanton killing of the most vulnerable, and for that is a holy sacrament of the altar of the left, a hill they'll die upon.

I'm surprised at how anyone can be shocked at this, given what we know about secret recordings in the past of "counselors" lying to mothers about what an abortion is, about what we learned from the Gosnell trial, about people calling in to PP fundraiser lines, asking their donation to go only to aborting black babies and voices on the other end insisting their wishes would be honored, Abby Johnson's testimony as a former PP higher-up about what PP does and is, the sheer Cliff of Dover of evidence there already, and whoo a video of a modern day Heinrich Himmler is a shock?

Anonymous said...

The self centered human scum bags are already coming out defending this practice.

James Old Guy

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