July 31, 2015


I find it sad that more people are angry over a doctor killing a lion than a doctor harvesting and selling baby body parts.

What the fuck is wrong with you America?


Anonymous said...

At heart, a liberal is an eternal adolescent, forever in search of escape from conventional morality, consequences and responsibility.


mts1 said...

I have a pro-life acquaintance who called Senator Donnelly's office to ask him to defund Planned Parenthood. The intern hung the phone up on her. I remember how he ran as a social issues conservative to get the then southern Indiana still conservative Democrat vote. How did that work out? We will see what his vote is Monday.


Josef Mengele sits in hell and laughs. In countries with a dictator or absolute ruler people could get away with saying it's the government, not me. This, this is WE. We all have a hand in it. Me too.

Joe said...

Donnelly is wholly dependent on the unions for his election. The unions are coming out in support of PP, so I have no doubt where Donnelly will vote. He voted for gun control after the Connecticut shootings, he voted for ObamaCare, he does what Harry Reid tells him to do. Just like Evan Bayh, he votes liberal then comes home and proclaims his conservative Democrat roots. Most of the electorate is too stupid to check the facts.

Dan O. said...

Get the liberals and unions out of education . That's where the liberal indoctrination begins.

Joe said...

It looks like Donnelly did the right thing.

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