September 4, 2015

Inevitable Return of Friday Music

How about a trip back to the seventies today? I was not a huge Boston fan in my youth, but over time have acquired a better appreciation for their music.

It looks like a good weekend is on tap for the holiday weekend, though hot and humid. I have yard work to do, but plan to relax a bit as well.  How about you? Anything fun planned?

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Anonymous said...

Like you a weekend of yard work, it's been raining and raining and life in the south introduces you to plan species I never knew existed. I see plenty of hours with the lawn mower, chain saw, weed eater and limb pruner. The dump is close and the trailer is already filled with trimmings. On other news my Gamecocks won, no idea why but a win is a win, it's going to be a long college football season. At least I am not Curt Shillings being fired for stating the truth, but then again ESPN has turned liberal and is only good for catching up with the scores.

James Old Guy

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