September 6, 2015

Next verse same as the first

Remember yesterday's post? You did read yesterday's post, right? Just ignore all of the swimming pool party stuff. Pretend it did not happen did not happen. Our friends live about an hour north and it was cloudy with a strong chance of rain yesterday while today is to be hot and sunny and dry. It is a much better day for swimming and such. Mentally cut and paste the pertinent parts of yesterday's post right here:

You can do the video too if you like.

We ended up going down to the local farmer's market and walking around. We picked up a cobbler and some apple butter and scored some sweet corn. It did cloud up here in the late afternoon, but it did not rain.

Have a good Sunday.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Remember the part where I hope you have a great time?
Cut and paste it here.

Joe said...


Anonymous said...

Cobbler and Apple Butter, nice. Miss my Indiana Corn.


LeeAnn said...

For my birthday yesterday I couldn't find a pool, nor friends with a new one. So I went to the grandniece's birthday party in the park, 100 degrees and seventeen thousand percent humidity. I have some very odd cake and some ice cream soup.
However, I did get some significant time on the monkey bars so all in all, it was a win.
I'm glad you had a good day too.

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