September 28, 2015

Odiferous Offerings

Once again it is Monday morning and my big bucket of blog ideas is empty.

The Pope has boarded his jumbo jet to fly back to his own private migrant-free country to settle in amongst his priceless artworks to pen another diatribe about global warming, the evils of capitalism, and exhorting every nation except Vatican City to take in more migrants.

The Cardinals, the baseball ones, not the Catholic ones who vote for the Pope, the Pirates, and the Cubs have the three best records in baseball. One of them will be eliminated in a one game wildcard playoff. Life ain't fair and it was never meant to be.

The Colts pulled off an ugly win Sunday. Scores throughout the season are not cumulative and a lucky two point victory is as much a win as a thirty point blowout in the standings. The team has serious flaws. I have no doubt the Patriots will drop sixty points on the Colts when they come to call in a few weeks.

I watched the eclipse on and off last night, between innings of the baseball game. Just as the Earth's shadow darkened the lunar body the clouds moved in and kept the moon hidden for the test of the night. I imagine that kept the werewolves at bay.

The big boss arrives from the Mother Country tomorrow. Expense reports are also due this week. I better get busy. Blogs don't pay the bills. Have a good Monday.

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