October 6, 2015

Starting with a bad attitude

Last Thursday evening my nose started running and I developed a scratchy throat. Friday this mild inconvenience had turned into a cold. By late Sunday it had all drained into my chest. I have been hacking up my lungs since. I finally got up last night and slept in the recliner. That, along with various over-the-counter meds helped me sleep a little. Tired and irritable is not the way to start a long drive to Peyton Manning's favorite place. I think I will fill the thermos with coffee for this jaunt. I don't know what is up these days. I have been sick more in the past year with minor colds than the entire previous decade.

The bleeping Hampton Inn better have THE baseball game tomorrow. I don't want to try and watch from a bar stool surrounded by jerks spewing fantasy football, cornhusker football, and work drama from their pie holes.

1 comment:

Jean said...

Feel better.
Hot tea, whiskey, lemon.

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