November 25, 2015

Hello Moon

There is a gorgeous full moon shining in the early morning sky. As I sit in my recliner I can see it out the blog room window as it paints the neighborhood in a soft glow. I woke early this morning. I don't know why. Probably because I have no reason to be up. I took a vacation day today. Don't worry, I still have eight left to burn this year.

We are supposed to have decent weather today, so I plan to get the house decorated for Christmas today. Lights on the house, garland on the porch and around the door, the big wreath on the garage, lights in the bushes and on the trees in the backyard are in the plan. That does not include the massive decorating the wife does inside. Clearly, I'm going to work while on my vacation from work! I intend to work up an appetite before I feast tomorrow.

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