November 20, 2015 in my head

The weather is about to change. I can feel it in my bones and in my skull. The weather lady on TV says so too. Today is slated to be another fall day -windy with temperatures in the low fifties. Saturday is another matter. A light dose of winter will stop by with cold, wind, rain, and snow. I had considered dragging out the Christmas lights and stringing them on the house tomorrow. I would not turn them on of course, I would never do that until the day after turkey day. I think I'll wait until more pleasant operating conditions. I thought about putting the lights up last weekend while the weather was so nice, but it was just too early.

I am not sure what the social director here at the house has scheduled for this weekend. I'm sure she has something on tap. It may be a working weekend, or perhaps a movie. I am sure I will be advised at he proper time.

Have a good weekend readers.

Here is some Friday Music. This is the last selection before I start dropping Christmas tunes. I was torn here.  Should I choose the Doobie Brothers or some classic Sinatra?  I went with the rock band from California since I suspect Frank will get some Friday Music love in the coming weeks. And no, it is not any of that Michael McDonald ballad bullshit.


hey teacher... said...

Speaking of Macdonald, Tom Johnson's super 'stache reminds me of Norm McDonald's riff on Burt Reynolds on Jeopardy(worth it just to see Darrell Hammond as Sean Connery). Off to New Harmony tomorrow for a mega dose of culture.

Joe said...

Stay dry

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