December 30, 2015


One of my strengths has always been my ability to deal with multiple tasks. I am usually reading several books at once. I can have layers of paper on  my desk, juggling several customers, quotes, and issues without problem. I can deal with bills or personal problems with all the other stuff going on in the background, devoting attention at the proper time to each topic. I suspect most of you multitask as well with varying success.

Lately, I find myself stressed more. My well-constructed compartmental walls have sprung leaks; worries from work pop into my head at night and personal issues intrude on work. My former single-minded focus made me very good at dealing with multiple issues while keeping my stress levels low. People have always marveled at my ability to solve problems and "get things fixed". I still can solve problems and smooth troubled waters, but my stress over the complex is a new thing for me.

I used to have an Alfred E, Newman "What, me worry?" attitude. I solve problem 'A' then move on to problem 'B' in its time. Now I worry about issues A through Z, then worry that I'm worrying too much. WTH? Is this a by-product of an older, weaker mind or are my problems just bigger and more complex?

I need the on/off switch in my brain replaced.


Anonymous said...

Thats life, I cut down on the news, it helps.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I blame Obama.

hey teacher... said...

The "where did I leave that" syndrome has really increased in the last couple of years, as has the waking up at 3am and thinking about the 3 things I didn't get done the day before and the 4 things that need to get done today. Too early to get up and too late to fall back to deep sleep. Is bourbon the answer?

As an aside what are your thoughts on Lt. Gov. looking for a new job? (Classmate of my wife's and her parents live down the street. They are very nice. She, on the other hand, is a back stabbing opportunist,{even before politics}.)

BTW play something nice for my belated birthday tomorrow. Thanks!

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