December 6, 2015

Hanging on

I have three Bradford Pear trees in my backyard. I don't know if any sports a partridge amongst the boughs because I'm not confident I know a partridge from a peregrine. Besides, if there was a partridge in the pear tree it would be camouflaged by all of the leaves.

I don't know if it is the mild temperatures or climate change or global warming or global cooling or transfats in popcorn oil, but those trees still have fifty percent of their leaves clinging stubbornly to the branches. The maple out front was trying to hold on in a battle of wills, but finally dropped most of its leaves in the past two weeks. What gives? It is December. We are supposed to have sleigh bells and snowmen in the park who will marry loving couples. Instead I'm out on a Saturday morning raking leaves and depressed in the knowledge I still have three trees full in the backyard.

In the afternoon we motored down to what used to be Glendale mall to Macy's to find an elusive Christmas present. To my surprise, the old mall is gone. Now there is the Macy's and a Target and some smaller shops, but no great big mall. I am probably the only person alive who was unaware of this development, but in my defense I have probably not been to what once was Glendale Mall in 15 years or so.  Later,  we supped down in Broad Ripple before we retreated back north.

My daughter and SIL had a party to attend last night so my granddaughter spent he night. I can hear her playing and jabbering her baby nonsense downstairs. I think I will go play with her. Have a great day.


Ed Bonderenka said...

I waxed the car yesterday.
Granted, I was in the garage.

Anonymous said...

My Bradford Pear still has it's leave also. Always the last one to get the word.


Anonymous said...

Never post prior to coffee.


Unknown said...

Be thankful that you have NO walnut trees. Mine start dropping their leaves mid-July and then come three months of the nuts themselves falling on my turf and making a frikkin' mess of everything. Leaves still on the trees are/is/am a good thing, so kwitchurbellyakin. Merry Christmas my friend.

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