December 4, 2015

I'm an idiot

Coming out of St Louis yesterday I was listening to a Stephen Coonts audiobook. Jake Grafton must have had my attention because the next thing I knew I was almost to Springfield on I-55 instead of cutting east on I-70. Worse, I even stopped at a rest park to remove coffee from my bladder and mentally commented that it was strange this rest park seemed unfamiliar. Then I drove on for another 45 minutes before reality whacked me in the brain with a figurative 2x4 and shouted "WTF are you doing"? Heck, I was contemplating driving cross country on 2 lane highways anyway.  These words are testimony I made it home safe despite running both my VW and my brain on cruise control.

Since we were discussing the movie Meet Me in St Louis yesterday, I thought you might like to listen to Judy sing one of the signature songs from the flick. Enjoy.

  I said enjoy.


Scott said...

Did you take US 36 back home?

Joe said...

Yes from Decatur to Indy

Anonymous said...

Got half way to work realized my teeth were still at home.


hey teacher... said...

My phone is currently sitting on my desk at school. 40 minute drive one way - I will survive the weekend without it.

Greybeard said...

Have we all done this?
Like you, I get out my map and try to figure out how to take "the scenic route".
Sometimes that's nice. Most frequently it makes me also say, "You're an idiot".
At least you had a good audiobook.

Joe said...

Nice to know I'm not alone

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