December 8, 2015

Keep off the grass

I have lambasted Lefties for their failure to call out members of their team for egregious behavior. I was especially appalled when no one on the Democrat side had an issue with the targeted use of the IRS to go after political opponents or the deliberate selling of guns to Mexican cartels.  Those things are wrong no matter which side of the political spectrum you stand.

So I would be remiss if I don't condemn the ridiculous proclamation from Trump that he would bar all Muslims from entering the country. While I am not a Republican,  I'm a conservative.  I suppose the Donald falls on my side of the political world. In any case, barring Muslims, or the followers of any individual religion, is wrong. It is on par with FDR's round-up of Japanese Americans and locking them in concentration camps (the brain child of Earl Warren BTW, a position that should have kept him from the SCOTUS). Trump's position is wrong and sickening.

I'm all for making sure we are safe. And it is true that many terrorists are Muslim, but most Muslims are not shooting up coworkers or flying planes into buildings. Should the immigrants from every nation be thoroughly vetted, investigated and checked? Absolutely, but that falls far short of banning people because they worship a particular deity. It is akin to banning folks who are brown, or who have eyes of a certain shape. Oh wait, we did that with the Chinese exclusion Act of 1882.

Trump is wrong on so many levels with this policy. I suspect if Eastern Elbonia were to ban all Americans from entering their fictional nation, Trump would be in a months-long hissy fit.


Anonymous said...

The headlines have been all about the first part of the remark not the rest which stated "until the government can get the process fixed". The whole immigration thing is broken, and I am not sure anyone really wants to fix it.


Anonymous said...

I could live with a policy that said we would stop all immigration until the system is fixed, but I cannot accept singling out a particular group of people.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Amen, my brother.

B said...

You left out the other half of his statement:

"Until the Government can get it's act together"....

Which isn't, when you think about it, a bad idea for any immigrant.

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