December 21, 2015

Non Sequiter Stories

I've she'd about fifteen pounds since mid October. Partial credit goes to a new med I'm taking. The rest is a little more exercise and a lot more control of snacks and mealtime quantity. I did not help the cause much last night though. I fried up some chicken and made the traditional fixings. I ate way too much mashed potatoes and gravy. Three things that I could eat every day include gravy, grits, and cornbread. I'm pretty darn fond of mashed spuds too. All are not so good for me since the body does not know or care if those carb sugars come from cake or pasta or potatoes.

It is a rainy and warm Monday here in Naptown. I'm heading into coasting mode with a short workweek in front of me. My daughter is on Christmas break so my granddaughter won't be coming over today. I keep looking out the window expecting her. I'm going to babysit for a couple of hours tomorrow. I don't know why, the wife just asked of I could.

Christmas is nearly upon us. Not the generic "holidays" since Hanukkah is now behind us. In that spirit I'm going to offer you some bonus Friday Music today. I am certain you are excited enough by that prospect to jump up and down and spit out wooden nickels. ( aside: if you jump up don't you have to come down or be in jeopardy of breaking the laws of gravity? What is the cost of that ticket in court?).  Anyway, here is one of my many favorites. (this is a sidebar, not an aside. There is clearly a difference. I pretty much dig all Christmas music besides Rudolph and Frosty. Both of those bug me for reasons I cannot define). On to the music before I have to put in a footnote.

I also like this alternative version:

Have a great Monday

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