January 23, 2016

I did not kill the deputy either

A good blogger would be spinning words of insight, entertainment, or inspiration this morning. Once again I am faithful to my art and you will get none of those things in this post.  At least I am consistent.

It is Saturday. You know that already. The giant the world-is-gonna-end snowstorm of snowstorms ( no doubt to be blamed on global warming) is far to the east and south of God's favorite state. In fact, it looks like the snow cover will melt like the Wicked Witch of the West in the coming days.

Speaking of the Wizard of Oz, you do know the book is an allegory for the debate over whether the Government should base their currency on the gold or silver standard that dominated politics in the late 19th Century? The yellow (gold) brick road leads to the Emerald (as in green dollars) City? The evil witches are in the west and the east, while the heroes hail from the Midwest and represent farmers, mechanics.  Are your eyes glazing over? Well trust me, the gold standard issue in its day was as big as any political debate we have today, including ObamaCare and immigration.  Politicians in Washington fixed the debate by not having our currency backed by anything at all. 

I know, I know, you didn't come here to learn stuff. I'm not going to start quoting the Cross of Gold speech. * 

I need more coffee and you have actual blogs of entertainment to read. Have a great weekend.

* do your own homework


Anonymous said...

Damn it must be global warming falling in my back yard. Only the truly stupid believe in global warming, but then again Oboza won a second term. In other news the Flint water fiasco is of course being blamed on the republican's. It doesn't matter that Flint and Detroit have been run by democrats for fifty years. The Flint bozo's were overjoyed when the switch was announced and their water rates would drop. Guess what you got what you payed for.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Man, I love that Oz stuff. I really didn't know.

hey teacher... said...

The Great and Powerful Oz is rumored to be Obi Wan Kenobi's uncle.

The Farce will be with you. Always.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

James -- I'm still trying to figure out why Gov. Snyder was so quick to take the blame and apologize for Flint. As if he himself opened the valve that switched them off of Detroit's system and onto local river water. Republicans really need to stop taking the blame for things Democrats are responsible for.

Joe said...

Exactly. Why aren't the city leaders taking the heat? How about the guy who is supposed to test the water? Where was the EPA? A lot of folks dropped the ball in Flint and the governor is way down the list. But according to Michael Moore it was a plot to poison and kill black people. I guess the 40% of the population that is white is mere collateral damage in this filthy scheme?

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