January 13, 2016

Obama's SOTU Speech: A Review

There was a Bruce Lee movie on one if the cable channels. I will choose Bruce over The Obama any time. That means I did not watch the President move from TelePrompTer to TelePrompTer like a slow motion tennis match. I did not see Democrats leap to their feet clapping over the smallest pronouncements. "Today is Tuesday", proclaims the President. All of the Democrats leap to their feet clapping like they just saw Larry Olivier do Hamlet from beyond the grave. Sorry, watching Enter the Dragon for the thirty-seventh time is far more interesting.

I'm up early this morning. I don't  know why, I think I got hot in the night. The house is warm even though it is colder than heck outside. We are talking single digits with subzero wind chills cold. The wife turned up the thermostat because my granddaughter spent the night. She won't keep a blanket on and we were worried about her getting cold.

I'm blogging from my office this morning. Usually I read and blog from the "TV room", the front bedroom that doubles as a sort of den-slash-nursery-slash exercise room. That means there is a TV, a recliner, a treadmill, and a crib in there. I like to sit in that recliner in the morning and drink my coffee and do my internet surfing thing. I'm pretty certain you are as interested in that life minutiae as I was in Obama' speech last night. 

Get your lottery tickets, that way one of us can have a great Wednesday. I have to be honest here, I hope it is me. 


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I know why I got up early. Wife unit gets up at 4AM every Wednesday to go show the management flag at work. All managers have to do an open once a week. It's apparently a morale thing that somebody thunk up.


Ed Bonderenka said...

I see SOTU and think STFU.
Am I dyslexic?

Joe said...

Great minds Ed. STFU was actually part of my original title, but I changed it to SOTU at the last minute.

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