February 16, 2016

Not so urgent update

I spent about 8 hours in the car today, stopping at seven different customers in southeastern Michigan*. I wish I had something of interest to report as I meandered the highways and interstates. Last night's Hampton Inn was a little different than tonight's, but not much. I do have a suite tonight, that is very cool, but it doesn't really matter when I'm here just for one night. The good news is I have one appointment in the morning, and he is actually right on my route home. I should cross the line into Hoosierdom long before noon and I will be back home in the early afternoon.

On the positive side of the ledger the weather was fine and I have gained 2 more nights towards keeping my "diamond" status next year with the hotel chain. On the negative side the trip was a waste of time from a sales view. I'm starting from scratch in the new territory. No one has been to these customers in 4-5 years. That was true of the customers I took over last year too. I now have ten states full of mostly cold calling. What fun. Is the sarcasm font turned on?

* sorry Ed, I am on a tight schedule, even though I drove right through Y-town

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B said...

Email me, iffen yer gonna be passing NWI. I'll buy you a beer or a coffee or whatever. I'm near Merrillville

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