February 3, 2016

I wonder as I wander

Are the Democrats really interested in electing a socialist, or are they determined to vote for anyone besides Clinton?


Ed Bonderenka said...

Or just lose?

CGHill said...

I really can't tell, despite 44 years on Democratic rolls.

mts1 said...

I'm sure they have someone in this big country who can do a rather good job. But not one even made noise about running. I guess the loons, the people who want to crash and burn America, really do run the D party and more sensible and conservative types know they'll be attacked by their own party more ferociously than the opposition.

Funny, how the R party used to be the country club rich AND socially liberal party (since they had the big bucks to afford stupid life decisions with little consequence) and the D party was the working/middle class, conservative party. Then the hippies flooded the Ds by 1972, the conservatives fled to the R and have been despised by original Rs ever since, and enough monied interests went D (billionaires and Wall Streeters both) to make it the working man last after all other real or imagined aggrieved special group party.

I've been thinking how the sun changes poles every 11 years, and politics shift from time to time too, and maybe this strange election may be the symptom of a realignment.

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