February 24, 2016

Perpetual Change

It looks like Mother Nature is uncorking a big bottle of unpleasantness today. The StormTeamScareTeam is all in a frenzy predicting lots of wind, rain, and snow. It appears da Region is going to get slammed along with northern Illinois. I was supposed to be on my way this morning to the Chicago/Rockford area but I postponed the trip. These customer visits were not essential and driving in blizzard conditions is no fun. I guess I get a pseudo-snow day. I still have to work, but I don't have to travel.

Apparently the folks in Nevada have succumbed to Trumpamania. Next week is Super Tuesday and the GOP race will begin to settle. The Stupid Party has no one else to blame for Trump. They have refused to listen to the strong message their voters have sent repeatedly for the past six years, opting instead for politics as usual. Now they have a bunch of voters mad as hell who want to poke "the establishment" in the eye, but who still won't pull the lever for The Bern or Hillary. In 2008 voters heard Obama say what they wanted him to say but not his real words. Trump followers are the same. They hear how he wants to address illegal immigration, but not his inconsistent message on everything else. They imagine he represents conservatives because he says he does. Then his supporters must quit listening. I just keep thinking of Jessie Ventura and his run as Governor of Minnesota. I think there are many parallels.

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Anonymous said...

Probably wise to stay put today.

. . . Think Momma HEROWNSELF might cancel ballet class today.

They can just bite me. And so can Old Man Winter!

Wait ...You don't think he was listening, do you?


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