February 7, 2016

Sunday Stuff

It is the day of The Big Game. We are going over to my daughter's to watch. My heart is with 18 and therefore the Broncos, but I won't lose any sleep no matter the outcome.

I was glad to see Marvin Harrison and Tony Dungy get voted into the HOF. Harrison should have been in two years ago.

I got an email from the electric company offering a messaging service that would tell me if my power is out. Really? If I'm home then I would know my power was off. If I'm somewhere else then so what? It is not like I can rush home and shinny up the utility pole and fix the downed lines or malfunctioning transformer. And what does it say about the company's service that they have to create an app to tell the customers their power is out yet again? If Duke loses power that often to that many people then perhaps they should focus on fixing the problem as opposed to creating an app that tells the customer "Whoops, we f-ed up again" or " Hey there was a tornado and power lines are down".

Who is so damn stupid that they are confused that the light does not come on when you flip a switch then checks their smartphone to verify that "Yep, according to my phone the power is indeed not working. That must be why it is dark and my TV won't work". Sheesh. What next, an app to tell me it is now daytime or nighttime? It is called a window, dumbass.

No, I did not sign up. When the lights, stove, TV, refrigerator, computer, and furnace all quit at exactly the same moment I am smart enough to conclude the power is out without getting a text message.

Enjoy your Sunday.


Anonymous said...

I do like may garage door App, I always forget to put it down when I leave and I just pull it up and close it. Also I gives me a history of opening and closing.
Go Bronco's,never have been a Panthers fan.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Not everyone is as smart as you are.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Well...if they send you a phone message, at least you know you don't have to call them to report the outage :)

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