February 14, 2016

Way to be classy liberals

I'm not going to repeat the tweets here, but the joy and meanness expressed over the death of Judge Scalia is sickening.

I will say this too; Cruz and Rubio are wrong. The President has a Constitutional duty to find a replacement for the Supreme Court. The Senate has a right to make sure the candidate is acceptable. The notion that President Obama should hold off appointing a replacement is wrong. As a strict Constitutionalist no one would agree with me more than Judge Scalia on this matter.


Ed Bonderenka said...

And it is the duty of the Senate to reject any unsuitable candidate, something they failed at with Kagan and Sotamayor.

Anonymous said...

No doubt Obulhshitter will choose some liberal wack job. I am betting a black female, and he will accuse the senate of being racist if she doesn't get a pass. It will be a typical Obozo tactic, use the race card at every chance.
Damn I will be glad when he is out of office.


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