March 23, 2016

I want to hear the scream of the butterfly

I don't want oatmeal for breakfast. Maybe I'll have some toast. I could fry up an egg. Who wants to make me some biscuits and gravy?

I have to get the company car serviced this morning. Then I need to make an appearance at the home office. I plan on being there no more than a couple of hours. Plans never work like they are supposed to.

I think, if I bust my hump, I can see ten customers in Wisconsin in two days, my front door to my front door. That includes stops on the east coast all the way to the greenest of bays, then looping through the east-central interior on my way back south. Plans never work out like they are supposed to. Another night in hotel will only help me keep my hotel chain Diamond Staus in 2017.

If the Unions won't turn on Hillary for bragging she is going to "put a bunch of coal miners out of business" then there is no doubt the Unions represent the Democrat Party, not the workers. If you are a Teamster, Steelworker, UAWer, IBEWer, or any other alphabet Union-type in the AFL-CIO, a Wobblie, Ceasar Chavez wannabe, or United Mine Worker and you tug that lever for a democrat you are a hypocrite, an ignoramus, and a fool. The fact that the Unions and Democrats in general are not condemning her words speaks volumes.

Do we really need a whole month of practice games in Spring Training? Watching those efforts is like buying tickets to see a cover band. The Little River Band Cover Band may sound like The Little River Band, but it is not The Little River Band. It is a cover band. With apologies to The Middle , I say bring on the real thing.

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Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Joe, I guess I figure that watching the Grapefruit League in March beats not watching anything at all because it's still too cold in the home venues...

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