March 19, 2016

No time for dancing, or lovey dovey

Saturday. Once again I woke up early. So it goes, I guess. That means I have more time to blog before I do whatever it is I might do later this morning. Yay for me. Yay for you, maybe. I suppose it depends on your point of view.

Hold on for a sec.

OK, I'm back. I had to go downstairs and get some more coffee. I also copped a couple of the wife's little chocolate donuts. Is it rude to type with your mouth full?

The youngest boy will be here this evening. He is going to supper with us before heading to a concert later tonight. He will be back to spend the night. Unfortunately he has to get back to school since he has to work in the morning. I hardly get to see him anymore.

Tomorrow, my other two kids and their families/girlfriends, etc., are coming over for a cookout. It is supposed to be chilly, but the grill works fine in cold weather. Cheeseburgers are on the menu. I sincerely hope I can avoid turning them into hockey pucks.

It seems I've lost my ability to cook a decent meal. Earlier in the week I attempted fried chicken, gravy, mashed spuds. I burned the chicken. This meant I had to grab a different skillet for the gravy (who wants black bits in their gravy?). Without good drippings the gravy was bland. It was also lumpy. WTH? I'm no gourmet cook, but usually my comfort food is at least a triple if not a home run. This effort was not even a hard hit single; more of a reached base on an error-type affair. I did redeem myself a bit Thursday. I pulled a frozen enchilada casserole from the freezer I made several weeks ago and made a pretty decent batch of salsa to go along with it.

That about covers the minutiae of my life. I think I'll read your blogs then see what old movie attracts my attention this morning. I might do one of the big "E"s: Esther or Elvis. And for goodness sake if you ask me who "Esther" is I'm going to come over there and bop you on the head like little bunny boop boop. Seriously...


Anonymous said...

Suppose to rain today, so I will get to set on the deck and attempt to finish The Prince of Tides,by Pat Conroy. If you have ever thought your family was a mess, read this book it will make you feel a lot better.


Ed Bonderenka said...

I got up early also.
1:30 am when the plant called.
I got home again at 6am.
Ruins your whole Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Is it "bunny boop boop" - or is it "Bonnie Foo Foo" ?


Told Red in the car Saturday that when I was little I thought the lyrics to a certain song were "SHOOT the children . . . with no shoes on their feet".

("And boy was I glad I had shoes!")


Joe said...

Back in my Boy Scout days we sang bunny foo foo or bunny boop boop. For years I thought kiss wanted to rock and roll all night and part of every day. It made sense to me, they had to sleep at some point. Clearly I'm no authority on lyrics. I suspect ypur version is the right one.

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