March 4, 2016

Rode the six hundred

Friday at last. I have a couple of quick customer visits then I'm on the road home. I have to take only two major decisions this morning. Do I eat the crappy Hampton Inn breakfast or get something better? Do I take I-70 or back roads on my way home?

I had some first rate BBQ for supper last night. The place was packed so I grabbed mine to go and ate in the hotel room.  That was not my first choice, but such is life. 

I have been reading a historical novel about Richard the Lionhearted. It needs to get better and real soon. 

I watched some of the highlights from the GOP debate last night. Is there a single candidate, including the ones running for the donkey party, that you would want to have over for dinner? Could you imagine hanging on the patio with a beer and cigar with any of those assholes? I suppose that is true of just about any politician. I guess you generally have to be an asshole to get to the top. I doubt Caesar or Napoleon was a ball of laughs to hang with either. 

My first thought when typing the previous paragraph was to conclude that I would never be top dog. That concludes that I am not a self-centered egomaniac asshole. I like to think not, but then it occurs to me that I know some self-centered egomaniac assholes that are not top dog. I realize not one of you has invited me for dinner or to hang on the patio for a beer and cigar and I wonder....

I'm not handsome or athletic, I have no money, I'm not the smartest guy in the room. If I indeed have major personality defects, then I really have nothing to offer the world. That means I'm just another human toiling away on this mortal coil until my time is up, just like billions of others. Are you telling me I'm not a special snowflake? I'm not unique and special? As my old blogging buddy Dax Montana used to say --just damn.


Anonymous said...

I wonder which version of BBQ each of the candidates prefer or in some cases won't eat. I think that would reveal more about them than all the trash talking going on.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

"If you don’t like barbecue, you’re not one of us."
— Rush Limbaugh

Although Rush is taking it on the chin at the moment for not having actually stepped up and led his faithful. All of a sudden he's very positive about Cruz being the only real conservative in the race, well...damn, Rush, where were you weeks ago?

hey teacher... said...

Clicked on the BBQlink. You m#@$^&*()>&! Now I am jonesing for some high quality BBQ. Was in Owensborolast night. Yeah , that Owensboro-self-proclaimed BBQ capitol of KY. I was disappointed. This past summer I was in Kansas City, MO and went to Woodyard BBQ. If you are ever in that neighborhood , get there and ZI promise you will not be disappointed.

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