March 18, 2016

This ain't no fooling around

Hoops mania is in full throttle and I don't care. Much. I'm not a big fan of basketball.

Here is something to ponder. The census counts everyone, citizen or not. Many non-citizens live in big cities and in some of the more populous states. When Congress apportions Congressional seats they do it based on the census, not the count of citizens, thus some states are over-represented.

So what? Well electoral votes are allocated based on Congressional seats, thus states with heavy illegal populations (who theoretically cannot vote) have more sway in the general election where electoral votes are usually winner takes all. Thus California, New York, Illinois, Florida, and Texas have more electoral power than they should because they have a larger population of illegals. Ask me again why the Democrats are in favor of open borders?

Squeezing lime juice when you have a cut on your thumb makes for exciting cooking.

It is Friday, finally the end of what has been a very long week. I think someone snuck an extra Tuesday in there or something.

In the midst of all this rambling I did not forget the Friday music:

What? Who doesn't think the mom is hot?  Plus the music is pop at its finest. Still reading? Tell me happy birthday on Sunday. Have a great weekend.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Non-citizens shouldn't be counted toward Congressional representation. Of course, they shouldn't get welfare and housing benefits, either. Or be allowed to attend schools and universities. Or get driver's licenses.

Basically, the only reason they're here is because we make it easy for them. We don't need Donnie's wall -- we just need to stop the free handouts. And tax all remittances to Mexico at 90%.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Oh, and Shirley Jones? Teh hotness. I definitely agree with my old man on that.

Jean said...

Shirley Jones? Seriously?

I'll be back to hb'day on Sunday.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I fell in love with Shirley Jones the first time I watched The Music Man. Marian the Librarian for the win.

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