April 3, 2016

A Blustery Day

The wind was howling around yesterday. At times it felt like the house was shaking. Blossoms were flying off the pear trees so fast it looked like snow. No, it really was snow for a while. My back yard was already littered with sticks from the big willow tree, now there are even more to pick up. At the height of the gale, the neighbor across the street lost about half of his tree. A big branch just snapped. There were reports of lost power throughout the area, but we did not have that problem. Today the winds are calm, but it is currently in the 20s. Brrr.

I was driving on the interstate last week. I came up on a jack off in a little blue Toyota who was doing about 60 in a seventy zone. In the left lane. I wax starting to slow because I could see the speed limit was about to drop to 55. Just at the sign the Toyota driver slammed on his brakes and slowed to about 40. Luckily there was a break in traffic and I could get in the other lane. I swear drivers are getting worse. Maybe we do need self-driving cars after all.

More college basketball happened. I did not watch. One more spring training game then baseball starts for real on Monday.

I wish I had tales of interest to share with you. My eleventh "blogiversary" passed a couple of weeks ago. There is that.

I think there is a ghost with a sense of humor living in my iPhone or else the software is far more developed than I thought. "just tell me that you love me" by Fleetwood Mac played and then was followed by "two out of three ain't bad" by Meatloaf: "I want you, I need you, but I'm never gonna love you..."  I thought it was funny. When I told my wife, she just gave me that look. Hey, that is the same expression you have on your face right now. The song juxtaposition is funny. Really.

Have a great Sunday.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Neighbor lost his Bradford Pear last night, came up root ball and all and landed in the street.

Probably just as well, given the article in the Gannett Star this morning about how B.P.s are bad juju.

Joe said...

That is what my neighbor lost too

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