April 27, 2016

Behind the Mask

The Left is who they are. They don't hide what they want to do, but they do obfuscate.   More than two hundred years of history shows what happens when hard leftists are in charge, the classic examples being the French Revolution, the USSR, Mao's China and Cuba. Destruction of society norms, death, re-education, fear. No wonder leftist hate the teaching of history.

The path to leftist power has a roadmap. Sow chos, destroy religion, cause economic and political turmoil until the People cry out for help, which only comes through the State. Lenin did that way. So did Hitler, Mao, and Castro. Totalitarianism sneaks in under the guise of revolution.

For well over a century the left has tried to crack America. It started with the anarchist reign of terror that morphed into the communist push of the twenties. Since the 1960s the leftists have done their best to destroy religion and old fashioned morality. They have infiltrated the universities and education fields. They were behind the anti-war movements and more recent Occupy movements. Leftists embrace Climate Change and any movement that directly attacks Judeo-Christian values and most importantly, capitalism. The idea of the invisible hand is as loathsome to a progressive as any deity.

The State can tolerate no religion. The State is the most jealous of gods. Why are we suddenly arguing about bathrooms? This is not an issue. Does no one find it interesting that the funding for the unisex bathroom push comes from an accused child molester and ardent Progressive?

Who is it in modern society that wants to tell you what to drive, what to eat, how warm to keep your home, and even what you have to accept as right and moral. I hate to spoil your beliefs, but it ain't the evil righties trying to tell you how to live, what words to use.


Anonymous said...

Let the overload of political commercials soon leave your land.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...


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