April 15, 2016

Dandelion blooms and pernicious ground cover

Good morning fellow Earthlings. It looks to be a Chamber of Commerce kind of day here at the old homestead. It is a bit nippy this morning but it will be sunny and in the mid-seventies by afternoon. I can live with that. The weather quack is calling for more of the same all weekend. Yippee-ki-freakin'-yay. I have lots of yard work to do this weekend, so nice weather is a plus. It also eliminates any excuse to avoid the work.

I had a busy week traveling up and down the east coast of Wisconsin. There was nothing of interest to report and I made only one side trip; the drive-by of Lambeau Field I mentioned previously. That was not much of a side trip, it was about a mile from my hotel. In all, a busy and boring week.

This is riveting stuff, eh? Here is some Friday Music you will not click to finish out the effort:

Yes, Mannheim Steamroller recorded stuff that is not Christmas Music. My roommate had this LP back in college and we listened to it a lot for a brief spell. I copied the entire record over to a cassette at one point, but that recording was lost long, long ago.

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