April 23, 2016

Why, you are soaking in it

I slept late this morning, perhaps because it is chilly inside and out. I sleep better when I'm a little cold.

The rain over the past few days has really "greened" up, well everything. I will need to mow again this weekend. I have to get the flower beds cleaned out think about power washing the patio and porch. Work, work, work. I need to re-build the raised garden. The 2x8s that surround the bed are rotting. I may just take it out altogether. The previous homeowner built it and I don't think anyone would have labeled him a carpenter. All we have ever planted is tomatoes. I do love me some summer 'maters.

We didn't really have the extra money, but we bought the granddaughter a new playhouse for outside. It is one of those heavy plastic models. We also got a little slide. Since the little one will be here most days this summer she needs stuff to do. My granddaughter loves being outside. I'm sure we will get a kiddie pool at some point.

My coffee cup is dry and so is my limited well of blog content. Have a great Saturday.

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