May 29, 2016


As I look out the old blog room/tv room/granddaughter's room window I see a brilliant blue sky and grass and trees so green the folks in Ireland would be jealous. It is already in the 70s. It may rain later. It may not. It might at your house, it might at mine. I don't know. I don't care -- it looks to be a glorious day and perfect kick-off to summer.

We are heading off to our friend's house for a pool party. Swimming, food, beer, stogies, and laughs are in the plans. I may even break out one or two of my good sticks to burn. Why not? They do no good resting there in the humidor.

Yesterday was uneventful. The granddaughter spent the night Friday, but went home early. We cleaned the house. Then I listened to the baseball game. We grabbed a quick bite then went to the store to get stuff to make for the cook out and party today. Woohoo I'm not sure how I stood the excitement.

What? I'm making corn salad. Take a couple of cans of drained fiesta corn, a diced up green bell pepper, diced onion, a cup of mayo, 2 cups of shredded sharp cheddar. Just before serving, stir in a bag of crushed chili cheese Fritos. Sounds gross, I know, but it tastes great. Trust me on this, I lie way less than a Clinton. It is easy and delicious and everyone will ask you for the tecipe. The wife is making the best brownies ever. Buy one of those pans that makes little square brownies. Press ready made chocolate chip cookie dough in the bottom of each square. Plop on a Reese Cup. Yes, in every square. I know! Make a brownie mix and pour evenly over the cookie/peanut butter cups. Bake. Cool. Eat. There may be a few calories involved.

Now you wish you were hanging with me today don'tcha? Well, I suppose you long for that opportunity every day, but even more so today. I have not even discussed the burgers and brats and cakes and other good stuff that will be available. Did I mention fine cigars, beer, and other grown up drinks? All served pool side? Yes, some days it is good to be me.

I hope you have a great day. I am going to try to have one myself.

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