May 31, 2016

Circus peanuts and Coffee

I am sore as heck this morning. The wife and I busted our collective butts yesterday. I borrowed the SIL's power washer. We did the front porch, the back patio and all of the patio furniture. We also sprayed the NW side of the house. The siding was taking on a green tinge from mold, lichen, or perhaps space alien spores, I don't know, I am a doctor, not a botanist.  I know the siding was green and slimy and the house looked like crap.

That side of the house never gets any sunlight. The big willow blocks the morning sun, and the house next door blocks what little other light might filter in. Cleaning down low was no problem, but the upper story sure was. I climbed up on the ladder to get what I could, then pulled out the extension ladder to get a little higher. But a 15 foot extension ladder does not get one to the top of a two story house. In fact, the ladder came to a stop less than halfway to the eve. So I drug out a big extending painter pole and attached a window washing sponge on the end.  We wet down the siding up high and used the sponge to scrub off the green slime. My shoulders ache from reaching up and my butt muscles are sore from clinching while trying not to let the back pressure from the washer blow me off the ladder. Getting old sucks. But the house looks great. Next week we get to trim bushes and try to destroy more of the pernicious ground cover the previous owners planted in the back flower bed and around the big willow.

I keep waiting for that weekend where I get to sit around and do nothing.

I don't think it is in the near future.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Three words: "Wet and Forget". You can get it at Costco, among other places.

Anonymous said...

Fuzzy is correct, my pressure washer has an extended wand, heavy ass hell. Used wet and forget last year, extended wand is for sale.


Joe said...

Where we're you guys with your magic elixir yesterday morning before I worked my ass off?

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Sorry :)

Anonymous said...

You needed the exercise.


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