May 7, 2016

Content worth waiting for

For some reason I woke up at five this morning. I peed, grabbed a drink of water and tried to catch another forty winks to no avail. Such is life.

I failed to put up a post yesterday. That too is life. I did start a long political rant Thursday afternoon. I have not finished it yet. Right now it is a rambling collection of half-thought ideas. Of course that makes that particular post no different than most of the content around here, but I want this particular one to be good. It may or may not ever see the light of day.

It looks to be a rather decent day. It is slated to be warm and sunny. I hope to get the grass cut. I think we will go to visit my mom, an early celebration of Mom's Day.

I think I will go get some fresh donuts this morning. I have been a good boy, I deserve a donut. I don't know, though. I got a haircut yesterday and donuts today could be excitement overload. I'm going to have to pace myself.


Ed Bonderenka said...

That was one of your most insightful, cogent and well thought out posts.

Joe said...

Dude, if that is true, then my five thousand plus previous efforts must have been real garbage.

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